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We provide top-quality luxury vinyl tile flooring in Dubai featuring modern textures and finishes.

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Elevate Your Space with Our Superior LVT Floors in Dubai

Make a modern look and restyle any space with Decor Land’s best selection of LVT Flooring Dubai. Available in a wide variety of realistic wood and stone looks, our floor treatments in Dubai offer attractive textures that stand up beautifully to high-traffic areas. It withstands heavy foot traffic, ensuring longevity and consistent appearance.


Our LVT flooring is waterproof and easy to clean, making it excellent for kitchens and bathrooms.

Versatile Designs

Select the ideal LVT floor design to complement your existing furnishings from among many options.

We Offer All types of LVT Flooring in Dubai

LVT Texture Flooring

Our textured luxury vinyl tile flooring adds extra depth and dimension to any room with unique textures and rich details that capture light beautifully.

LVT Kitchen Flooring

Our waterproof LVT flooring in Dubai is an ideal choice for kitchens. It resists moisture, stains, and scratches and provides a pleasant surface.


Our commercial-grade LVT gym floors stand up to heavy gym equipment with a durable top layer, absorbing sound and shock for workout spaces.

LVT Stair

Our slip-resistant luxury vinyl tiles offer both durability and style. It features realistic wood and stone looks that are perfect for grand entryways on stairs.

Our Recent LVT Flooring Projects

Stunning Quality LVT Flooring

Top-Notch LVT Flooring Installation Services in Dubai

Decor Land offers skilled installation of luxury vinyl tile for kitchens, baths, and every space to ensure your new flooring looks great. Our skilled workers measure rooms, prepare subfloors, arrange tiles, and complete the project.

Your beautiful and durable LVT flooring in Dubai will be more durable with the perfect arrangement of tiles by our experts. Hire us to install vinyl tiles in attractive patterns according to your choice.

We Offer Affordable LVT Flooring for Dubai Residents

Our home renovation company in Dubai offers the most competitive rates of luxury vinyl tile flooring. Contact us today to get discounted flooring rates for your next project.

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Why Choose Us for LVT Floor Treatment in Dubai?

We have been selling and installing high-end LVT flooring Dubai for more than 15 years, so we can’t be beat when it comes to experience. We source the highest quality and most innovative waterproof LVT tile products and offer professional installation for flawless results. Call us today to consult with our team for your flooring project.

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As a top wholesaler, we offer great discounts on LVT flooring projects to every customer.

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We take responsibility for making every LVT floor extremely curable with perfect installation.

Customer Reviews on Our LVT Flooring

Discover why our customers love our LVT floors. This flooring solution is praised for its style, durability, and ease of maintenance.

FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions )

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If properly installed and cared for, LVT will last between 15-25 years on average. The durability comes from the resilient layers and UV-resistant protective finish that prevents fading, stains and wear over decades.

Quality LVT flooring can increase a home’s value, similar to other upgrades like granite counters or new cabinetry. The wood and stone designs, scratch resistance, and waterproof qualities make LVT great for open houses.

Our LVT flooring in Dubai is crafted from multiple layers, including a backing, a printed layer, and a protective layer. It’s known for mimicking natural materials like stone and wood, offering both beauty and resilience.

Yes, LVT is an excellent kitchen flooring choice as it is 100% waterproof and easy to clean, resisting stains, moisture damage, and scratches. The attached underlay makes the kitchen floor comfortable underfoot while still durable for high-traffic spaces that see spills.

While LVT is low-maintenance overall, avoid excessive water exposure over time and use pH-neutral cleaners. A mix of distilled white vinegar and water works perfectly to clean LVT floors without dulling or damaging the protective wear layer.