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Decor Land offers high-end flooring for your home or office in Dubai.

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Some Amazing Features of Our Flooring Products

As a premier flooring company in Dubai, we install floors that are known for their beauty, quality construction, and cutting-edge style. From marble and granite to engineered hardwoods and carpets, our products add luxury to your place. We customize every detail of our floors, incorporating the latest textures, patterns, and colors to perfectly match your interior.

Superior Materials

We use premium wood, stones, tiles, and other material from around the world to make stunning flooring.

Many Options

We provide the best flooring in Dubai that is tailored exactly to your vision, whether traditional or modern styles.

Best Areas To Install Our Office Carpets

Our solid and engineered hardwood floors feature natural grains, stains, and finishes for a timeless, classic look that adds value and warmth.

Stone polymer composite flooring provides extreme scratch, stain, and water resistance and can replicate wood or stone visuals with superior durability.

Our attractive, affordable sheet and tile vinyl flooring offers styles ranging from stone and wood looks to decorative patterns suitable for nearly any room.

Luxury vinyl tile flooring provides incredible realism replicating high-end surfaces like wood, marble, and stone. They are available at a low cost.

Our Recently Completed Flooring Dubai Projects

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We understand the importance of fast, efficient installation of luxury flooring in Dubai. Once you’ve selected your floors from our vast collection, our team immediately gets to work for a swift, seamless flooring installation in Dubai. Call us anytime for fast services.

Before we properly install your new floors made from sustainable materials, we carefully measure and lay down moisture barriers, substrates, and adhesives. We can quickly and beautifully change the look of your space because our skilled installers work all year.

We Measure Floors Free of Cost

Before providing quotes, we offer complimentary floor measurements to clients in Dubai seeking new flooring installation or replacement.


Choose Decor Land for the Best Flooring in Dubai

When searching for stunning new flooring in Dubai, Decor Land has the top designers and most durable, sustainable materials to bring value to your place. Our modern flooring treatments enhance residential spaces like villas and apartments as well as public commercial areas like hotels, restaurants, malls, and more.

Responsible Sourcing

We ethically source all flooring materials from trusted partners.

Perfection in Work

We take pride in the careful craftsmanship of our flooring professionals.


Client Testimonials: Delivering the Best Flooring in Dubai

Read the impact of our services through the reviews of our satisfied clients. These testimonials highlight the good quality and exceptional customer service that define the reputation of our flooring company in Dubai.

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Our diverse range includes hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and tiles, ensuring a perfect match for every style and need. Each type is sourced from top-notch manufacturers, guaranteeing quality and durability. Our experts are on hand to guide you through the selection process, tailoring solutions to your specific preferences and requirements.

Yes, with a flooring sample, we can custom order materials to seamlessly match, continue, or complement your current style whether it’s species of hardwood, color, finish, grain, dimension of planks, tiles, or carpeting texture and pile height. Our experts will ensure a perfect uniform flow.

Yes, our flooring selections are designed for durability, catering to high-traffic areas without compromising on aesthetics. We offer specialized options that combine robustness with style, ensuring your space maintains its elegance even under constant use.

Our floors are designed for easy maintenance. Regular sweeping or vacuuming removes dirt and debris. For specific cleaning methods, we recommend using products suited for your floor type, ensuring longevity and preserving the floor’s natural beauty without causing damage.

Many materials are in stock ready for next-day installation. Custom patterns or color-match flooring typically takes 1-2 weeks to fabricate once ordered. Our scheduling is flexible to accommodate quick renovations or phase multi-room projects over time depending on your needs and budget.