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At Decor Land, we offer the most stylish and comfortable custom beds made just for you.

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We Made Custom Beds in Dubai To Suit Your Preferences

We craft custom beds Dubai tailored to your unique needs and interior design style. Our skilled team will collaborate with you to select the ideal mattress type, bed frame, headboard, and accessories. With quality materials and skilled craftsmanship, we can build your dream customized furniture with precision.

Versatile Designs

You can choose from a range of bed styles to match your room décor.

Personalized Comfort

We tailor luxury beds in Dubai to your comfort preferences for a restful sleep.

We Make All Types of Custom Beds in Dubai

Canopy Bed

You can order a beautiful, modern canopy bed by choosing fabrics, lighting, and drapery that go with the rest of your bedroom’s style.

King Size Bed

We design an oversized king-size custom bed in Dubai which is perfect for stretching out with extra sleeping space and integrated storage.

Sofa Cum Bed

Transform your living room with our multifunctional sofa bed customized with a comfortable mattress, fold-out frame, and durable upholstery.

Custom Wall Bed

Maximize small spaces with a wall bed that folds flush to the wall featuring your choice of wood, fold mechanism, mattress, and more.

Our Newest Bed Collection

Custom Beds Dubai

Enhance Your Sleep Space with Our Wooden Custom Beds

Elevate your bedroom with one-of-a-kind wooden custom beds handcrafted in Dubai by our skilled team. You can choose from oak, teak, and mahogany solid wood frames or an attractive upholstered bed frame customized for your room. 

Our expert carpentry techniques ensure sturdy joinery built to last. Personalize every detail of a custom wooden bed from headboard upholstery to footboard height, select your ideal mattress type, and add storage drawers or other bespoke features.

Book an Appointment for Free Consultation

Schedule a free design consultation with our team to start planning your dream bed in Dubai. Our specialists will guide you through sizes, materials, features, and more to create the perfect custom bed tailored to your needs.

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Why Choose Decor Land for Custom Beds in Dubai?

With 20 years of experience crafting custom-size beds in Dubai, Decor Land is the premier choice for one-of-a-kind beds tailored to your space and sleep needs. Take advantage of our expertise in crafting one-of-a-kind beds to buy custom beds Dubai online that match your style.

Premium Materials

We select from quality solid wood and upholstery fabrics for durability.

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Receive your custom beds within the time range we gave at the start.


What Our Customers Say About Their Made-to-Order Beds

Read first-hand reviews from customers who have worked with us to customize their beds to their custom specifications and designs.

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Yes, we specialize in custom-size beds that can be altered according to your room dimension. Whether you have a small room or an unusual layout, we can design a bed that perfectly suits your needs.

Our custom storage beds range from simple models with underbed drawers to more complicated ones with side cabinets, shelving, and other integrated storage solutions. Our carpenters can add soft-close drawers, charging stations, upholstered headboards, and high-quality finishes to the storage bed.

It can take 4-6 weeks. We carefully craft each bed by hand with time-honored techniques, never compromising on quality. Rush orders may be possible for an additional fee depending on our current order volume.

Yes, we can provide high-quality custom mattresses tailored to your preferences so the entire bed feels like it was made just for you. Choose from materials like latex, memory foam, or innerspring, and dial in the ideal firmness, thickness, and other specs. Delivery and setup of your mattress are included!

Surprisingly, our custom beds in Dubai are competitively priced with high-end standard-sized beds. Because they are designed according to you, our beds don’t require any middleman markup. Contact us for a custom quote and see for yourself!