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Decor Land offers wall-to-wall carpets for your home and office with quality assurance.

Best Bedroom Wall to Wall Carpet
Classic Wall to Wall Carpet

Upgrade Your Floor with Our Luxurious Wall To Wall Carpet in Dubai

Add extreme comfort to any space with our plush wall to wall carpet Dubai. You can choose from a wide selection of patterns to match your style and décor. We ensure the perfect combination of style and functionality for our customer satisfaction.

Soft and Comfortable

Our soft wall to wall bedroom carpets will make you feel soft and cozy on your feet.

Custom Sizes

We customize every carpet according to your area needs and style choices.

Choose Any Material for Wall to Wall Carpeting

Polyester Wall to Wall Carpet

This carpeting type is an eco-friendly option made from natural fibers. It’s easy to clean, and suitable for high-traffic areas.

Olefin Wall to Wall Carpet

Olefin is a great fiber choice for wall-to-wall carpets in Dubai. It comes with texture to add durability to your floors.

Wool Wall to Wall Carpet

Wool carpeting is known for insulation, durability, and versatility. Choose wool carpet material for comfort and classic style.

Nylon Wall to Wall Carpet

Nylon carpets are soft and come in a wide variety of colors. Nylon carpet is affordable and ideal for installing wall to wall.

Our Renovated Homes With Wall to Wall Carpets

Living Room Wall to Wall Carpets

Trust Us for Flawless Wall-To-Wall Carpet Installation

Our skilled workers can install beautiful wall to wall carpets in Dubai that will beautify the look of any room. Our installers take careful measurements and expertly stretch, secure, and seam your new living room carpet for flawless results. 

With proper carpet selection and precision installation, we can enhance the comfort, style, and durability of your bedroom, living room, office, or any area. Trust our skilled team to recommend the best carpets and provide meticulous wall to wall carpet installation.

Call Us to Get Precision Measurements for Perfect Carpeting in Dubai

Accurate measurements ensure a perfect carpet installation. Our professionals will expertly measure the dimensions of your space from one end to another for a custom fit.

Bedroom Wall to Wall Carpet
Wall to Wall Carpet in Dubai
Durable Bedroom Carpets

Why Choose Us for Wall to Wall Carpets in Dubai?

With over a decade of experience, Decor Land is the premier destination for wall to wall carpets Dubai. We offer stunning designs, transparent pricing, and free samples. Our expert team is known for ensuring perfection in every entire floor carpeting project, providing a seamless, elegant finish to your interiors.

Experienced Staff

Our knowledgeable staff has installed carpets for over 10 years.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your new wall-to-wall carpet will add value to your life for sure.


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Find out why our wall to wall carpets in Dubai are so popular. Read the experiences of our customers and see how our carpets have transformed their spaces.

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Yes, carpeting can be professionally installed on stairs. The carpet is secured to each step using a specialized power stretcher to avoid wrinkles or bubbles. Nosing is also installed for safety.

Wall-to-wall carpeting provides many benefits including noise reduction, comfort underfoot, and a unified aesthetic for your space. It also has advantages like insulation and the ability to make rooms feel warmer and cozier.

Yes, wall-to-wall carpets are very effective at reducing noise in a room. The thick cushion and fabric help absorb sound rather than reflect it, creating a quieter environment. Carpeting is especially good for reducing footsteps and ambient noise.

Wall-to-wall carpets in Dubai can be suitable for people with allergies if maintained properly. They trap allergens like dust and pollen. Regular vacuuming can reduce allergens in your home.

For most residential uses, a medium-density carpet around 1/2 inch thick is ideal for providing cushioning while still being easy to clean. Thicker plush carpets around 3/4 inch may be preferred for luxury comfort.