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Decor Land offers the highest quality outdoor carpets and rugs in Dubai.

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Transform Your Outdoor Beauty with Our Outdoor Carpet in Dubai

We add style to your exterior space with our quality outdoor carpets Dubai. They are ideal to use in terraces, gardens, balconies, and more.

These round carpets are made durable to withstand the Dubai climate and UV rays. With a variety of colors to choose from, our carpets can complement any outdoor décor.


The beauty of our outdoor carpet stays the same in sun, rain, and wind

Easy Maintenance

Simply shake out and spot clean as needed to keep your outdoor carpet fresh.

We Sell Carpets for Every Outdoor Space


Our outdoor carpets in a variety of colors and designs provide comfort as you rest on your balcony overlooking Dubai. Small runners are suitable for small balconies.


Keep playgrounds clean and comfortable with our outdoor turf and grass carpets, safe for kids to play on with reliable grip and cushioned fall protection.

Poolside Areas

Our waterproof, UV-resistant outdoor carpets are ideal for pool decks because they shield feet from hot concrete and provide a soft, attractive surface for resting.

Patio or Garden

Our durable, easy-to-clean outdoor carpets in Dubai with beautiful floral and nature-inspired motifs complement your garden and outdoor furniture.

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Avail Expert Installation Services for Outdoor Carpets in Dubai

Properly installing your custom outdoor carpet is key to ensuring it lasts and performs well in Dubai’s climate. Our team of experts will come to measure your space, recommend the best materials and carpet types for your needs, and professionally install your new stylish carpets.

We use the best tapes, trims, and techniques to tailor each carpet perfectly and securely for outdoor spaces like patios, pool decks, gardens, and more. Enjoy a seamless process from purchase to transformed outdoor.

Call Us to Assess Your Outdoor Carpet Needs

Get advice from our team to buy outdoor carpets in Dubai for your space and lifestyle. We’ll evaluate your measurements, usage design preferences, and budget.

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Decor Land Is the Top Outdoor Carpet Provider in the UAE

Decor Land is the best place to get outdoor carpets Dubai & UAE. We have been installing thousands of carpets across the Emirates for over ten years.

We provide the best quality carpets for outdoors that are designed specifically to endure in UAE’s climate, along with excellent customer service.

Wide Selection

Hundreds of sizes, styles, and colors of weatherproof carpets to suit any space.

Custom Options

Bespoke carpet measuring, fabrication, and installation for unique spaces.


Customer Reviews: Delight in Our Outdoor Carpets in Dubai

See how we have transformed clients’ spaces with our outdoor carpets. Each evaluation praises our rugs’ beauty, durability, and versatility, improving citywide outdoor living spaces.

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We have a large selection of roll sizes, ranging from 2 x 3 feet up to 6 x 25 feet. Our most popular outdoor carpet rolls are 4×6 and 5×8 feet, suiting most standard patio and balcony sizes. We also provide custom width cutting if you have a uniquely shaped outdoor flooring area to cover.

Yes, we offer customization options for our outdoor carpets in Dubai, allowing you to choose the perfect color, pattern, and size to match your outdoor decor. Our team works closely with you to create a carpet that meets your specific design preferences, ensuring a unique and personalized outdoor space.

Yes, we have durable playground carpet outdoor options specifically designed for playground surfacing.

They feature grippy textures, drainage holes to keep surface water and spills from pooling, and soft cushioning for safe falls under playground equipment. These carpets stand up well to heavy foot traffic from active children at play.

Our carpet for the swimming pool area is specifically designed to handle wet conditions, providing a non-slip surface that ensures safety around the pool.

It’s resistant to chlorine and sunlight, maintaining its color and integrity over time, making it a perfect choice for surrounding pool decks.

Because we care about the environment, many of our outdoor rugs are made from recycled or eco-friendly materials.

These trendy carpets enrich your outdoor space and help the environment, making them a sustainable choice for consumers.