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Install our wooden blinds to beautify your windows and get perfect insulation at the same time at a very reasonable price.

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We Provide Exceptional Quality Wooden Blinds in Dubai

Our store is top of the list for supplying the most durable and luxurious wooden blinds Dubai. Additionally, we use different mounting styles, designs, colors, and lengths for these shades. Moreover, these blinds can also be used as outdoor window blinds. Our innovative blinds can be easily adjusted to fit every type of interior.

Maximum Insulation

Get maximum insulation with our premium quality wooden window blinds everywhere you want, whether in a residential or commercial place.

Very Durable

We use A-grade materials for the manufacturing of wooden blinds in Dubai. So they will last for several decades. 

Different Types Of Wooden Window Blinds

Venetian Wooden Blinds

Our Venetian wooden blinds are designed by using horizontal wooden slats. Due to their appealing style, they are best for bedrooms.

Vertical Wooden Blinds

Our modern vertical window shades are designed by using finest woods. Use them at your workplaces to make them more welcoming.

Faux Wooden Blinds

We designed faux wooden window blinds for moisture-prone areas like kitchens, offices, etc. No crack will appear on their surface due to moisture.

Motorized Wooden Blinds

Control the functionality of these motorized blinds with your voice, mobile application, or remote. Additionally, these are available in different shades and styles.

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Wooden Blinds Dubai

Improve Functionality of Window With Our Custom Wooden Blinds

Do you want to customize wooden blinds according to your own choice? Then, we are here to customize these window shades for you. Our experts will meet you at your place according to your feasibility. We will understand your requirements for the blinds customization.

Furthermore, we will also ask some questions related to your interior. It will help us to suggest some better suggestions for quality blinds in Dubai that will provide flawless contrast. Furthermore, our experts will charge very minimal for ideal customization. So, why are you still waiting? Contact us to book our free consultation session now.

Get Hassle-Free Installation Of Wooden Shades

We have the most experienced and skilled installers on our team, with over ten years of experience in wooden blinds installation. You can book our service anytime and anywhere in the UAE. Call now for an online appointment.

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Why Choose Us For Wooden Blinds In Dubai?

Decor Land is the best shop for buying all the wooden blind solutions under a single roof. Additionally, you can ask for free samples of our blinds to ensure your satisfaction before ordering.

Moreover, we also offer free measurements of widows all over the UAE. Besides all that, we keep the price of our wooden blinds Dubai very minimal.

Quickest Delivery

We are also well-known for the fastest delivery of blinds and services to all the local areas of Dubai without delay.

Free Consultation Session

We are available 24/7 to provide free consultation. So we will help you choose the most suitable wooden shades.


Thoughts Of Our Customers About Wooden Blinds

The thing that keeps us motivated and allows us to perform better is our customer’s positive reviews. We always try to do better to win their trust and loyalty. Here are some reviews from our valuable customers.

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It is impossible to estimate the exact budget for the wooden window blinds. It can only be done after analyzing the size of your window. Furthermore, the customization requirements also determine the budget of these blinds.

Installation of wooden blinds requires some professional tricks. Additionally, if you want these blinds to hang correctly, then you have to use different tools for this purpose. These things are a bit complicated for the ordinary person. So I must hire a professional for it.

The wooden blinds at our store require significantly less maintenance. If you are using bamboo wooden shade, then make sure it does not interact with moisture. Moreover, clean these blinds with a damp cloth or wipe every day.

Definitely, our blackout window blinds are specifically designed to provide complete privacy in your home, workplace, or other commercial buildings. You can close the wooden slats completely to block all the views from the other side and get all the privacy you want.

We use heavy-duty and thick wood materials to design our wooden blinds. Ultimately, these window blinds will trap heat from outside inside them when they are closed. So, these blinds will maintain the room temperature and reduce the electricity bills.